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FR-14 by faderhead FR-14 by faderhead
FR stands for Fetal Recombination, a process of genetic selection, manipulation and breeding. Inspired by listening to a lot of Meshuggah┤s [link] music. I am pretty sure a process like this is already hard at work somewhere on the planet ...

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- faderhead
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syntheticrelapse Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2003
mega cool. its like fear factory meets meshuggah. but like the design and how you got the lyrics in there.
peligro Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2002
fucking kicks ass bro! seriously i think this is the best digital artwork ive prolly ever seen, but hey, wut do i know, im new at this stuff, anyhow, i really thought that this work reminded me of when the guy from matrix was just awakening from his life tube (the part where there are literally tragillions of rows of humans in tubes) anyways, i hope u win, later!
parasight Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001
Dat be dee illest l33t fetus /me seen since /me ate that dead baby last year.

Uhh... never mind. Nice work, really. Really "digital". Don't ask me why, I'm half drunk.

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
- Mark Twain
delirious-angel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001
ummm badass of course!

zep Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Fantastic piece. I can really see the Meshuggah influece.... paroxysm's idea about the green might be quite good as was the "super mega hyper cool" idea from inennui.

Excellent work here.
ekud Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
aw, this is shit....... no chance in the comp........ someone would be an idiot to choose this, look at how crap it is!!!!n c'mon, its crap!!! right?? riiiiiiiight?!?!?!?

-looks around wildly-

fuck it....... i knew you'd do this ^:^ great piece man, good work!!!!!!! im thoroughly impressed!!!


MattSpire Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2001  Professional Digital Artist

i'll admit i haven't studiously looked over every single piece submitted for this contest.. but whoa, this has got to be one of the best ones i have seen. and there was obviously some thought process here. good luck!

The problem with mankind is he is too intelligent to realise just how stupid he really is.... - Jafo
paroxysm Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
oh yeah, i was waiting for an entry like this. i find it slightly gigeresque, why don't you convert the colours to army-green? i think it would really suit it.

regardless, this is some awesome work and i hope you get a prize for it!

:: paroxysm ::

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hermelin Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
i think this is a worthy compendant to the other really good looking thingie a little inpiration from the matrix huh?

Any way i love it.

:D (Big Grin)
inennui Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
I do not know about the contest. so I will isolate my comments to the image.

The overall composition is put together with a good sense of balance spatially and color-wise. Since this is for a contest. I will reserve a critical part of my comment for a note.

Completely unrelated:
It would be super mega hyper cool to have eyes inbetween the gaps of the circuitry on the left and right.

SUPER MEGA :) (Smile)
refa Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Cool! Great job done! My dad says all the time the German are the best! They do good cars, juices and seams art too! Great Faderhead! I like it, the style and everything! coooooooooooool :) (Smile)
just keep working and you will win everything ;) (Wink)


"Hey, muss dir auch in Deutsch sagen, das was du gemacht hast ist echt geil, die anderen sollten von dir lernen heeheh ;) (Wink) "
slay Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
That's very, very great. I really hope you win. And you know that you're one of my favorite artists..and a great mentor too ;) (Wink)
mentalstate Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Tres Cool Fader, hella-freaky. hehe

Love the colour and lighting.

Good work, hope ya win this one.

.::for the sake of insanity::.
krash Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001  Professional Photographer
Hey...that looks like me in the hospital last week!

:) (Smile)

I agree with Vannova on the looking Cold statement. Very intense work and one of the better ones so far!

~DeadEnd Designs~
goldenchild3k Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001

_____ ____ ___ __ _
gc3 (aka Eric)

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vannova Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Awesome image! It looks insensitive machine is breeding a human fetus! I wonder if this is reality already!? I hope it isnt and it never will be reality but mankind is too obsessed with manipulation of life!
Good work!

-[ VanNovA ]-

epsilion Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
yup this is awesome. its a trip
archnemesis Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
Looks pretty damn cool man, definetely a contender. The colours and composition of this is amazing, as is the concept, well thought out indeed. The weird thing is i have actually been looking on the net tonight for an image of a foetus for a new piece of mine...and then i see this...weird indeed. Anyway, this is really cool man, another entry to beat mine, great :/ Good luck in the comp man =D (Big Grin)

::no offense shalt go unchastised::
pafro Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
arrh the quality.. oh soo good, a good wall.. a even better band :) (Smile) , - what album were u listening 2?

[ ■ßfr­ ]
kharnn Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
man this looks awesome!!!
i luv what u have done with the monchromatic sort of colour scheme
and the concept is very deep :) (Smile)
i like this
slightly morbid but hey
nicely executed
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September 2, 2001
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